NATIONAL Selector Rod Marsh has dropped a bombshell by claiming Mitchell Starc is unlikely to be fit for the February Test series against New Zealand.

SCOTT Boland, the former chubby kid who was too fat to open the bowling for his club team, lay awake last night dreaming of playing the Boxing Day Test.

THE future is bleak for one of the most prestigious sporting brands in the world. There are some huge questions lingering ahead of the 2016 season.

IN an extraordinary gamble Australia is set to pick a 28-year-old debutant with no Sheffield Shield matches under his belt for the Test against the West Indies.

AUSSIE star Ben Simmons had a rough game for LSU as they fell to Charleston for their third loss in a row.


MCC Governance Statement


The Melbourne Cricket Club (“the Club”) is a body corporate incorporated under the Melbourne Cricket Club Act 1974 consisting of persons who under, and in accordance with, the provisions of the Club’s rules are members of the Club.

The business and affairs of the Club are overseen and controlled by a Committee (“the Committee”). The Committee comprises members of the Club elected to the following honorary office bearer positions, namely, a president, three vice-presidents and a treasurer, and nine other Club members elected to the Committee.

The Club will be governed with integrity and in a responsible and accountable manner. The Committee and management are dedicated in their approach to work continuously to improve strategies and structures in pursuit of excellence. This will be achieved by critically assessing performances while respecting the boundaries between the committee and management.

The Committee meets at least 10 times a year for the purposes of overseeing all aspects of the Club’s business plan and objectives. It also deliberates on its responsibilities as ground manager of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (“MCG”) and Yarra Park for the Melbourne Cricket Ground Trust (“MCG Trust”), under the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Yarra Park Amendment Act 2009.

Additionally, the Committee reviews the performance of the Club’s management team in consultation with the Club’s chief executive officer, Stephen Gough, measuring results against the business plan objectives, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and monitoring the strategic risk management plan.

A brief description of the club’s approach to governance is set out below.

Members’ Role
The Club’s rules require that a meeting of Full members of the Club be held annually (“the Annual General Meeting”). The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is to:

  • Receive reports and audited financial statements from the Committee in respect of the immediately preceding financial year.
  • Elect office bearers and other members of the Committee.
  • Consider any other business for which notice has been given in accordance with the rules set out in the Club’s constitution.

All Full (voting) members of the Club are advised in the notice of the Annual General Meeting about Committee retirements and nominations for election or re-election. Full members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Composition (as at March 31, 2014)

The composition of the Committee reflects the broad range of experience, skills and knowledge required to oversee the management and control of the Club’s business and affairs.

To assist in the execution of its responsibilities, the Committee has established a number of sub-committees to which the president appoints committee members.

Sub-committees operate principally in a review or advisory capacity (except where powers are expressly conferred on or delegated to a sub-committee by the Committee).

Sub-committees meet as required either monthly or, in some cases, bi-monthly. The current composition and functions of the sub-committees are summarised below:

Deals with specific Committee referrals, succession and urgent matters between Committee meetings.

A.P. Sheahan (Chairman), D.S. Crow, S.C. Spargo, S. Smith, M.J. Happell.

Monitors the Club’s membership policies and arrangements including nomination and admission procedures and membership benefits and services. It also oversees compliance with the rules set out in the Club’s constitution.

S. Smith (Chairman), D.S. Crow, W.D. Fowles, P.A. Dakin, K.J. Wood, F.H. Oldfield, A.P. Sheahan (ex-officio).

Oversees all matters in relation to the cricket activities of the Club and its relationship with cricket authorities.

D.S. Crow (Chairman), P.A. Dakin), F.H. Oldfield, A.P. Sheahan (ex-officio),

Finance and Audit
Oversees the Club’s accounting and reporting practices including effectiveness of accounting and internal control systems, management reporting and compliance with policy, regulatory and legal requirements.

Also reviews risk and evaluates procedures, the scope and quality of audit practices and oversees and monitors IT performance.

M.J. Happell (Chairman), P.A. Dakin, W.D. Fowles, F.H. Oldfield, M.G. Smith, A.P. Sheahan (ex-officio).

Reviews and monitors the Club’s ground management operations including management of the MCG and outside grounds, commercial relationships, buildings, facilities, events, human resources and occupational health and safety matters.

A.P. Sheahan (Chairman), P.A. Dakin, C.T. Sitch, E.R. Yencken, A.P. Sheahan (ex-officio).

Other Committee Responsibilities

In addition to the formal sub-committees established by the Committee, members of Committee are involved in the following additional sub-committees and related funds or corporate bodies which meet on an as needs basis: MCC Sporting Sections, Legal, AFL, MCC Foundation, Property and Sporting Sections, Melbourne Football Club and National Sports Museum Limited.

Members of the Committee who are appointed to cricket and the Club’s various Sporting Sections as Committee representatives are set out below:

  • Cricket: D.S. Crow
  • Baseball: K.J. Wood
  • Bowls: F.H. Oldfield
  • Croquet: S. Smith
  • Football: S.C. Spargo
  • Golf: A.P. Sheahan
  • Hockey: S. Macindoe
  • Lacrosse: C.T. Sitch
  • Netball: A.P. Sheahan
  • Real Tennis: M.J. Happell
  • Target Shooting: W.D. Fowles
  • Squash: S.C. Spargo
  • Tennis: M.G. Smith

Communication to Members

The Committee aims to ensure that members are informed of all major developments affecting the Club. Information is communicated to members as follows:

  • An Annual Report is made available to all members, either via post or electronically. It includes relevant information about the operations of the Club and details of future developments, in addition to other disclosures required by the Club’s rules and policies or by law.
  • The MCC News magazine is distributed to members three times yearly.
  • Regular emails are broadcast to those members who have submitted their email address to the Club.
  • The club communicates with members on Facebook and Twitter social networking sites.
  • The MCCMCG and National Sports Museum websites also are regularly updated with news concerning members and the ground.