IN a result that has huge implications for the title race, Manchester City scored a late goal to escape with a draw against bottom-placed Sunderland.

EVERTON’S hopes of qualifying for the Champions League took a massive hit after going down to lowly Crystal Palace at Goodison Park.

A brilliant late solo goal by Gareth Bale hands Real Madrid victory in a classic Copa del Rey final against arch rivals Barcelona.

SPORT CONFIDENTIAL: CRAIG Bellamy was so disillusioned with the NRL after the hugely-sensitive McKinnon-McLean affair he tendered his resignation.

HOW well do you remember the week in sport?


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the heritage collections at the MCG?
Yes. Heritage items on display in the northern section of the stadium are able to be viewed as part of an MCG Tour on non-match days; the tour usually includes a visit to the MCC Library.

The National Sports Museum presents the heritage of the MCG and many sports, and also provides access to the MCC Museum on non-match days. On match days, MCC members and their guests can visit the MCC Museum from Level B1, and the MCC Library on Level 3.

Can I view items in your collection not on display?
The collections in storage are accessible by appointment for approved researchers.

Who can I contact about donating an item to the MCC collection?
All inquiries should be directed to our administrative assistant on (03) 9657 8996 or by email to or

Meetings are held on a regular basis to review and recommend acquisitions.

How are acquisitions selected?
Members of the MCC staff review offers of donations to the collections to ensure that items are considered, meet collecting objectives, and are able to be appropriately cared for, housed and managed for future generations.

The selection process and decision-making are guided by collection policies relating to the MCC Archives, MCC Library, MCC Museum and National Sports Museum.

Isn’t every old thing valuable? Will you take my item?
All material offered is considered in the light of current holdings, established collecting areas, and suitability in terms of storage and conservation requirements.

If what is being offered meets our collecting policy, and can be suitably housed and cared for, we would take the item into the most appropriate collection.

Will my donation be on display?
The value of collections lies in display, reference and research. Everything in our collections contributes to our research.

Unfortunately, not all of our collection items can be on display at any one time. Some are too fragile for long-term display. Therefore, not every donated item will be on display.

Why collect things if they are not on display?
Items that are not on display often provide important information for curators and researchers when preparing exhibitions or responding to enquiries from scholars and the public.

Can I take photographs in the museum spaces for my personal use?

Museum visitors are permitted to take non-commercial photographs within the National Sports Museum and MCC Museum.

Some exceptions to this policy may be put in place for reasons of security, conservation or in the interests of the overall visitor experience.

Restrictions may also apply where items (or entire exhibitions) are on loan to the museum. These exceptions will be clearly signed.

Camera tripods are not permitted at any time.

Can I obtain historic images or footage, or assistance with research relating to the MCC and MCG?
All requests for images, footage or research assistance for the collections should be directed to in the first instance to our administrative assistant on (03) 9657 8996 or by email to or

Frequently, however, we will be unable to assist because we do not own the rights to the requested image or footage.

Conservation or valuation enquiries
MCC staff are unable to provide professional advice in regard to the preservation and conservation of heritage items or the valuation of heritage objects.

What if I want to get my item treated by a conservator?
Advice on care and treatment services for heritage objects is available from a number of sources including:

The Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM)
Web or phone (02) 6100 8618. Email

Museum & Gallery Services Queensland Consultants and suppliers register
Web or phone (07) 3215 0820. Fax (07) 3215 0821 or Email

How can I get my items valued?
The Australian Government’s ‘List of approved valuers’ for the Cultural Gifts Program is a useful resource that can be searched by location and also by area of expertise.

Auction houses that have an interest in sports items and may be able to provide professional valuation services can be found in the Yellow Pages directory under several headings, including ‘Sports Cards and Memorabilia’ and ‘Sports Memorabilia’.