UK VIEW: Michael Clarke is in a form slump that threatens to end his career and the English press have the knives out for Australia’s struggling captain.

    A FIRED up Sam Kasiano has lifted the Bulldogs right back into the contest with the Roosters, while the Tigers have hit the front against the Storm. LIVE BLOG.

    MICHAEL Cheika continues to mix things up in his Wallabies squads. Here are the winners and losers from the 31-man Bledisloe Cup group.

    REPLAY OUR CHAT: BEN Dorries says Michael Clarke has fought the good fight but looks completely gone as a Test batsman. Do you agree?

    MICK Fanning was chased from the water by a shark in his first surf back in Australia since last week’s terrifying brush with a white pointer.


    Hans Ebeling Award Honour Roll

    Previous winners (View a biography on each recipient)

    1981 - Jack Armstrong (Shooting)
    1981 - Bill Gray (Lacrosse)
    1982 - Allan Bamford (Lacrosse and Bowls)
    1983 - Ian Huntington (Cricket, Baseball, Tennis and Hockey)
    1984 - Peter Mitchell (Tennis and Squash)
    1986 - Clive Fairbairn (Cricket)
    1986 - Ian McDonald (Cricket and Hockey)
    1987 - John Fraser (Tennis and Cricket)
    1988 - Jim Butchart (Shooting)
    1990 - Jack Francis (Bowls and Baseball)
    1992 - Donald Cordner
    1993 - John Cavanagh (Baseball and cricket)
    1994 - Graeme Howarth (Cricket and Baseball)
    1995 - Ian Ridley (Football)
    1995 - Eric Beissel (Squash)
    1997 - Ian Woodham (Bowls)
    1998 - Barry Brennan (Tennis)
    1999 - Bill Stahmer (Lacrosse)
    2000 - Bob Crawford (Lacrosse)
    2001 - Doug Patrick (Cricket)
    2002 - Robert Storey (Bowls)
    2002 - Brian Adams (Tennis)
    2004 - Bob Lloyd (Cricket)
    2006 - Donna Mortimer (Hockey)
    2007 - Peter Richardson (Tennis) 
    2009 - Robert Rouch (Lawn Bowls)
    2010 - Peter Wright (Squash)
    2011 - Hassa Mann (Football)
    2011 - John Tait (Hockey)
    2012 - David Went (Baseball)
    2013 - Ken Nichols (Lacrosse)