THE Knights are hoping to avoid a third loss in a row as they host the Cowboys in today’s second clash, after the Titans beat the Warriors in a thriller. LIVE BLOG

    STUART Broad is copping it again. Infamous for not walking on the most blatant of edges versus Australia, now a dodgy review in the West Indies has caused a stir.

    SATURDAY racing comes to you today from Royal Randwick and Flemington. Here’s all the last minute tips and info from Ray Thomas.

    FRENCH side Toulon trumpeted the signing of star playmaker Quade Cooper on Friday night - but the Reds flyhalf insists nothing is official yet.

    BAYERN Munich boss Pep Guardiola will return to face his former club Barcelona while Real Madrid drew Juventus for the Champions League semi-finals.


    Hans Ebeling Award Honour Roll

    Previous winners (View a biography on each recipient)

    1981 - Jack Armstrong (Shooting)
    1981 - Bill Gray (Lacrosse)
    1982 - Allan Bamford (Lacrosse and Bowls)
    1983 - Ian Huntington (Cricket, Baseball, Tennis and Hockey)
    1984 - Peter Mitchell (Tennis and Squash)
    1986 - Clive Fairbairn (Cricket)
    1986 - Ian McDonald (Cricket and Hockey)
    1987 - John Fraser (Tennis and Cricket)
    1988 - Jim Butchart (Shooting)
    1990 - Jack Francis (Bowls and Baseball)
    1992 - Donald Cordner
    1993 - John Cavanagh (Baseball and cricket)
    1994 - Graeme Howarth (Cricket and Baseball)
    1995 - Ian Ridley (Football)
    1995 - Eric Beissel (Squash)
    1997 - Ian Woodham (Bowls)
    1998 - Barry Brennan (Tennis)
    1999 - Bill Stahmer (Lacrosse)
    2000 - Bob Crawford (Lacrosse)
    2001 - Doug Patrick (Cricket)
    2002 - Robert Storey (Bowls)
    2002 - Brian Adams (Tennis)
    2004 - Bob Lloyd (Cricket)
    2006 - Donna Mortimer (Hockey)
    2007 - Peter Richardson (Tennis) 
    2009 - Robert Rouch (Lawn Bowls)
    2010 - Peter Wright (Squash)
    2011 - Hassa Mann (Football)
    2011 - John Tait (Hockey)
    2012 - David Went (Baseball)
    2013 - Ken Nichols (Lacrosse)