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    Latest News Archive

    MCC Croquet Section Annual General Meeting
    May 17, 2008

    Chairperson’s Report

    During the course of the year we welcomed many new members into our club. Recent members include Marjorie Button, Pauline Clark, Geraldine Lee, Xandra Macmillan, Gail Plunkett and Barbara Sitlington.  Others, including John van der Touw, John Hancorne and Bruce McComb seem like fixtures!

    We also removed our limitation of 60 members of the club. This will enable us to build a stronger club. There are a number of candidates who are in the process of being coached so that they can assess whether they have a liking and aptitude form Croquet. Given the development within the club, I do not foresee our membership exceeding 80.

    Croquet Activities
    Our season was opened by the incoming President of Croquet Victoria, Val Brown on August 11.  It was a very amiable affair and attended by over 50 Members and guests.

    A total of 10 Members have completed their 6 + 6 lessons. There are a further four prospective Members who will soon be taking their lessons. I am delighted to present these new Members with their handicap cards and Name Tags.  I encourage all of you to compete in any tournaments you can find.  I and others will advise you on which tournaments to enter.  Over the Winter period Ken Hopkins, Marg Tomlinson, Jan Watts, I and others will be coaching you and we wish you the best of luck in your Croquet activities.

    Eve Ashby Tournament
    This is a handicap event open to all Members of the Club.  It is named after Eve Ashby, a long-time President of the Club. A number of records were set this year! A husband and wife team were the finalists! The first hoop was made after 100 minutes! John Hancorne beat Reen Hancorne with a scoreline of 4 – 2!

    MCC Championship March 2008 – Results

    • Division IV Winner - Jane Waters, Runner-up - Ruth Firkin
    • Division III Winner - Betty Severson, Runner-up - John Hancorne
    • Division II Winner – John van der Touw, Runner-up – Graham Fahey
    • Division I Winner - Alan Cleland, Runner-up – Graham Fahey

    Noel Grant – Results
    A total of 8 members entered the Noel Grant Trophy. This is a knock-out event open to those Members who have not played Pennant for the Club. It was won by Jill Gray by one hoop from Catherine Symons. Jill won in time on by running hoop 5 from nine feet! Hoops made from this distance will in the future be called a Jill Gray!
    Monthly Medal – Results
    Sas Derham was the overall winner of the Division II and III Doubles Competition which is held twice monthly throughout the season. The Fourth Division Monthly Medal was won by Brent Campbell.

    Referees and Umpires
    During the course of the year, Liz Duff, John van der Touw and Jan Watts became Croquet Referees and Carol Dobbin and Jane Waters became Umpires. We congratulate them on this achievement.

    Spring Summer Pennant - 2007
    In the Spring/Summer 2007 Pennant Season we entered teams in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisions. 

    Second Division
    We did it!  The MCC Croquet Club has won its first Pennant Flag in over 40 years.  The MCC Croquet Club won the Second Division Pennant flag Captained by Sas Derham.  Other Members of the team included Graham Fahey, John van der Touw and Patrick Moore.

    Third Division
    The team included June Holyman (Capt), John Hancorne, Reen Hancorne, Judy Innes-Irons, Bruce McComb, Betty Siversen and Marg Tomlinson, over the season. The Third Division won three of its matches and lost one on hoop count-back and four others

    Fourth Division
    The Team included Di Refshauge (Capt), Anthony Avery, Brent Campbell, Ruth Firkin, Val Hunt and Jane Waters over the Season. The Fourth Division was not so lucky; not winning any matches but losing one on a hoop count-back. Despite this disappointing result, it should be noted that the team made a total of 307 hoops with 557 hoops against them.

    It was terrific seeing so many Members of the Club involved in tournaments as players.  Just as important are the other people involved in making sure the Club Croquet activities work well.  We are particularly indebted to our many Referees and Umpires, helpers in the Kitchen and above all for those organising various tournaments. 

    Autumn Pennant – 2008

    • Division II Sas Derham & John van der Touw Emergency: Joy Bills With two games still to play, we have so far won only two matches and lost six.
    • Division III Judy Innes-Irons & Betty Siversen With still one game to play we have won three and lost two.
    • Division III June Holyman & Bruce McComb. Emergencies: Ruth Firkin, Marg Tomlinson, Jan Watts June and Bruce won 5 and lost 5; thus ending up in the middle of the pack.
    • Division IV Di Refshauge & Jane Waters Di and Jane came fourth in the Autumn Pennant; having won half their matches and lost half.
    • Division IV Carol Dobbin & Brent Campbell Emergency Ruth Firkin Despite willing some games, the team did not win any matches.

    Representing the MCC
    Some, but not enough, of our members participated in various competitions around the State. In particular Graham Fahey, Judy Innes-Irons and John van der Touw participated in just under twenty tournaments. All in all, these Members won over eight tournaments.  Of particular note, John van der Touw won the Victorian Bronze Medal. I look forward to more of our Members playing in other Tournaments when the season opens later this year.


    • Our carpet was dyed; mainly because of the problem with the light coloured carpet which became quite dirty quite quickly at the Bowlers end of the facilities.
    • A hot water service for coffee and tea was installed. Initially the water had a “taste” but that soon disappeared.
    • Court maintenance has improved considerably now that Warren is “full time” at Glen Street and we welcome him as our Curator.  Already, we are noticing improvement in the lawns.  I am delighted to say that one lawn is likely to remain open most of the Winter.  This is the first time for years that this has happened.
    • We have new shelter sheds.  Unfortunately there is rust around the base of most of them.
    • We will be installing a blind in front of the shelter sheds on the Western court so that spectators, players and referees are sheltered from the morning sun in summer.
    • Our flagpole has been repainted.
    • We have a new fence to our east. This will be painted when the timber has settled down.

    We have a good library. Members are welcome to borrow books, CDs as long as they place their names in the borrowing book. The Library was well used during the year with a total of 21 Members borrowing books, videos and CDs. There are some excellent Croquet reference books in the Library and I encourage everyone, particularly new players, to make sure they are fully aware of our Library resources.
    Under the stewardship of June Holyman our finances are continuing in good stead.  As at the end of last financial year we had $28,340 ($28140) on deposit with the NAB. Interest earned during the year totalled $1,700 ($1,493). The numbers in brackets are for the previous year. Furthermore, the balance in our current account with the NAB was $8,098 ($7,185). Expenditure for the current year is likely to be similar to the year just past which totalled $13,106 ($14,402).

    Your Committee
    Office bearers for the year were Patrick Moore (chairperson), June Holyman (treasurer) and Judy Innes-Irons (secretary). Committee Members for the year were Sas Derham, Ruth Firkin, Di Refshauge and Marg Tomlinson.

    I wish to thank the Committee on behalf of the Membership for its sound and solid help throughout the year.  I wish to particularly thank Judy Innes-Irons who is resigning as Secretary and Jan Watts and Di Refshauge, who are resigning from the Committee.  The wise counsel, help and guidance from these people has been invaluable over the years.  It is not as though we will lose them because they are very much keen supporters of the MCC Croquet Club and their continued help in other areas will be most welcome.

    Our Future
    I am delighted to say that we are well on the way to becoming an Incorporated Section of the MCC.  We have already had discussions with both the MCC and the soon to be Bowls Section regarding the use of the facilities at Glen Street.  The only query at the moment is the status of the liquor license.  This is being investigated by the MCC itself.

    We look forward to continued involvement of all current Members in the Club.  I also encourage you to propose new Members who are likely to become keen Croquet players.  Our Club is unique in that we have a very strong social group and also keen group of competitive Croquet players. It is important to keep this balance. Your Committee is aware and sympathetic to the view that our Club has these two attributes and that it is important to keep them in balance.

    Patrick Moore
    MCC Croquet Section
    May 2008