AN umpiring farce threatens to take some shine off the historic pink ball Test, after New Zealand were robbed of a chance to take a stranglehold on day two.

    LIVE: Tyson Fury’s camp threatened to cancel the fight against Wladimir Klitschko on Sunday morning after the champion wrapped his hands unsupervised.

    JAMIE Vardy set a new Premier League record by scoring in an 11th consecutive top-flight match as Leicester City drew 1-1 with Manchester United on Saturday.

    THERE was the historic nature of the occasion to be handled but in the end it was simple cricket strategy that prevailed, writes Ian Chappell.

    Despite the A-League’s mostly good news story, football fans feel they have not been met half-way. In the past week they have prosecuted a strong case writes Richard Hinds.


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    2013 Highlights

    Presentation Dinner

    Individual and club successes were celebrated at the second annual presentation dinner in the Committee Room at the MCG. President Paul Sheahan presented the Division 4 pennant to secretary Catherine Symons and Peter Dakin, the MCC's sporting section chair presented the newly created perpetual awards:

    Pennant Player of the Year - Bruce McComb
    Most Improved Player of the Year - Colin Melville
    Club Award - Di Refshauge
    Chairman's Award - Mary Vindin

    Club office bearers

    Chair - Helen Worladge
    Secretary - Catherine Symons
    Treasurer - Bruce McComb
    Committee members - Carol Dobbin, Gail Plunkett, Graham Fahey, Lyn Maddock and David Rhodes.

    Club Champions 2013


    Winner Runner Up
    Division 1 Adrian Palmer Patrick Moore
    Division 2 Gavan Woinarski Graham Fahey
    Division 3 Jane Waters Glenda Burt
    Division 4 Geoff Dobbin Carol Dobbin


    Winner Runner Up
    Division 1 Adrian Palmer Patrick Moore
    Division 2 Mary Vindin Di Refshauge
    Division 3 Margo Kelly Jill Murray


    Autumn Pennant


    MCC 1 Reen Hancorne, Jane Waters and Patrick Moore (Bruce McComb)
    MCC 2 Colin Melville, Cath Symons and Glenda Burt
    MCC 3 Mary Vindin, David Rhodes and Margo Kelly
    MCC 4 Wayne Worladge, Geoff Dobbin and Alan Notley

    Spring Pennant


    MCC 1 Patrick Moore and John van Der Touw
    MCC 2 Tom Kudelka and Bruce McComb
    MCC 3 Glenda Burt, Colin Melville and Alan Notley
    MCC 4 David Rhodes and Geoff Dobbin
    MCC 5 Wayne Worladge and Lyn Maddock

    Individual Achievements




    Geoff Dobin Winner of the Noel Grant and MCC Division 4 championship .
    Colin Melville Winner of the Brunswick Division 4, Kew Division 3, Monash Division 3, Essendon Division 4 and MCC Division 4 championships.
    Charlie Davis Winner Cobram Division 4 and runner up in Brunswick Division 4, Brighton Division 4 and Ringwood Division 3 championships.
    Gavan Woinarski Runner up Brunswick Division 2.
    Adrian Palmer Runner up Rich River Division 1.
    Bruce McComb Winner of the Chairman's Sheild and runner up in the MCC Division 1 championship.
    Wayne Worladge Winner MCC Division 4 championship and runner up in the Noel Grant.
    Glenda Burt Runner up in the Chairman's Association Shield.
    Carol Dobbin Runner up in MCC Division 4 club championship.
    Gail Plunkett Runner up in MCC Division 4.




    Colin Melville Winner of MCC doubles Division 2.
    Brent Campbell Winner of MCC doubles Division 2.
    John van der Touw Winner Victorian team WCF interstate shield and runner up in the President's 10. Represented Australia in Cairo.


    2012 Highlights

    In 2012 we celebrated team and individual success at an inaugural annual dinner held in the Committee Room at the MCC with members and guests from the other sporting sections.

    Club Champions 2012

    Winner Runner Up
    Division 1 Adrian Palmer John van Der Touw
    Division 2 Patrick Moore Bruce McComb
    Division 3 Jane Waters June Holyman
    Division 4 Glenda Burt Catherine Symons

    Golf Winner Runner Up
    Division 1 John van der Touw Adrian Palmer
    Division 3 Helen Worladge Shirley Hays

    Autumn Pennant

    Autumn pennant saw the MCC field four teams across a range of handicaps with 15 participants.

    Green Section: First - MCC1: Reen Hancorne, Patrick Moore, Bruce McComb, Walter Runciman
    Brown Section: MCC 2 - Jane Waters, Colin Melville, Tom Kudelka
    Purple Section: First - MCC 3: Cath Symons, Margo Kelly Marj Button,Tom Kudelka, Mary Vindin,
    Brent Campbell (Carol Dobbin, Barbara Evans, Bruce McComb)
    Red Section: MCC 4: Gail Plunkett, Glenda Burt, Mary Vindin, Helen Worladge (Bruce McComb)

    Spring Pennant

    The MCC are setting out to defend their three pennant wins in 2011, with wins in divisions 1, 2 & 3 last year. This year the MCC will field a total of six teams across all divisions.

    Division 1: Bruce McComb, Captain - Patrick Moore.
    Division 2: Reen Hancorne, Captain - Tom Kudelka
    Division 3: (A) Jane Waters, Captain - Sas Derham
    (B) Glenda Burt, Captain - Colin Melville
    Division 4: (A) Gail Plunkett, Captain - Mary Vindin
    (B) Cath Symons, Captain - Charles Davis

    Individual Achievements for 2012

    Tom Kudelka:

    Winner Rich River Anzac Classic
    Runner-up - Ivanhoe Division 3 Golf Croquet
    Winner Division 3 MCC

    John van Der Touw:

    Winner Williamstown Golf Croquet Open Singles
    Winner Victorian section Australian Golf Croquet Bronze Medal
    Winner Ivanhoe Park Golf Croquet
    Winner Australia Day Golf Croquet Tournament (0-5) Cairnlea
    Winner Australian Open Golf Croquet Doubles
    Winner Australian Open Golf Croquet Singles
    Australian Team World Golf Croquet Championships in South Africa.

    Adrian Palmer:

    Runner-up Division 1 Rich River Anzac Classic
    Winner Division 1A MCC

    Glenda Burt:

    Winner Monash Club Championship Division 4

    Gail Plunkett:

    Runner Up - Division 4 MCC

    Patrick Moore:

    Runner Up - Division 1B MCC

    Bruce McComb:

    Winner - Division 2 MCC


    2011 Highlights

    It was most certainly a year to rejoice. We had teams in all four divisions of association croquet and golf croquet. It was the first time the section fielded a golf croquet team and the first time we have had representation in all four divisions of association croquet.

    An exceptional Christmas lunch saw over 60% of the membership present, and $520 was raised for charity.

    A special meeting of members unanimously voted in favor of a changed end of financial year to July 31.

    Spring Pennant 2011

    MCC fielded five teams including Division 1 for the first time, with great success:
    Division 1: First - Bruce McComb, Patrick Moore, (John van der Touw, Adrian Palmer, Graham Fahey).
    Division 2: First - Reen Hancorne, Walter Runciman (Gavan Woinarski).
    Division 3: First - Jane Waters, Sas Derham (Betty Silverson, June Holyman).
    Division 4: Second - Mary Vindin. Colin Melville (Gail Plunkett, Marg Tomlinson, Barbara Evans).

    This was truly a magnificent effort from those who have played and those who have coached our teams. We also need to thank our many referees and umpires who oversaw many of these matches.

    Club Champions 2011

    Winner Runner-up
    Division 1
    Allan Cleland Adrian Palmer
    Division 2 Graham Fahey Reen Hancorne
    Division 3 Hilary Elliott Ruth Firkin
    Division 4 Catherine Symons Helen Worladge

    Golf Croquet Winner Runner-up
    Division 1 John van der Touw Adrian Palmer
    Division 2
    Catherine Symons Helen Worladge
    Division 3 Colin Melville Di Refshauge

    Individual Achievements for 2011

    Golf Croquet

    John van der Touw

    • Winner Australia Day Tournament, range 0-5
    • Runner Up VCA Open Singles, range 0-12
    • Winner Handicap Doubles, range 0-12
    • Runner Up Australian Championships, range 0-5
    • Runner Up World Championships Plate, range 0-5
    • Winner VCA Regional Championships, range 0-5

    Association Croquet

    John van der Touw:

    • Runner up VCA handicap championship, range 2-5.
    • Runner up VCA bronze shield, range 3−9.
    • Runner up silver medal, range 0-6.

    Glenda Burt:

    • Runner up VCA handicap championships, range 16-20.

    Reen Hancorne:

    • Winner VCA divisional championships, range 9-14 (Tregallis Medal).
    • Winner Brighton tournament range 6-11.

    Graham Fahey:

    • Runner up bronze medal, range 7-12.
    • Winner Victoria handicap championship, range 7-9.
    • Winner Ringwood tournament, range 7-11.

    Tom Kudelka:

    • Runner up Traralgon tournament, range 12-16.
    • Runner up Leongatha tournament, range 11-16.
    • Winner Rich River doubles, range 0.5-20.
    • Winner Rich River singles, range 3-20.
    • Runner up ringwood, range 12-16.

    Adrian Palmer:

    • Winner state squad doubles range −3-6.

    MCC Annual Tournament - Member Results

    Division Winner Runner Up
    4 (18-20) Tom Kudelka Jane Waters
    2 (8-11) Bruce McComb Graham Fahey
    1b (3-7) - John van der Touw



    Pennant Results
    Seventeen players competed across all divisions in each season.

    Division 2 - Runners up - Bruce McComb, Patrick Moore (John van der Touw, Gavan Woinarski).

    Division 2 - Runners up - Bruce McComb, Sas Derham (Walter Runciman).
    Division 4 - Runners up - Gail Plunkett, Tom Kudelka, Colin Melville (Marg Tomlinson, June Holyman).

    Club Champions 2010

    Association Golf
    Division 1 Allan Cleland Adrian Palmer
    Division 2 Graham Fahey Catherine Symons
    Division 3 Hilary Elliott Tom Kudelka
    Division 4 Catherine Symons

    MCC Association Croquet Tournament 2010

    Firty-six players from 16 different clubs from around Victoria competed in the annual event.

    Division 1 - Simon Watkins (Brighton CC) was undefeated.
    Grant Marlor (Dandenong CC), with only one loss, came runner-up
    Allan Cleland (MCC CC) finished in third place.
    Division 2 - Don Ashton (Sandringham CC) defeated John Grieve (Williamstown CC).
    Division 3 - Chas Quin (Brunswick CC) defeated Rex Cairns (Essendon CC).
    Division 4 - Julie Adams (Sandringham CC) defeated Len Twigg from (Williamstown CC).


    2010 Season Opening

    July 31 saw Peter Mitchell, Chairman of the MCC Sporting Sections, open the MCC Croquet Section season by running the first hoop. Robert Rouch, Chairman of the MCC Bowls Section was also in attendance.

    Members from nine surrounding croquet clubs also joined us in celebrating our season opener. It was done in the usual manner with various people running the 11 hoops after Peter made the first hoop.

    Peter Antonie, Olympic gold medallist oarsman, then pegged out for us and announced the teams for the Spring/Summer Pennant which are as follows:
    Division 1 - John van der Touw and Patrick Moore.
    Division 2 - Sas Derham and Bruce McComb.
    Division 4 Gold - Helen Worladge, Colin Harper and Xandra Macmillan.
    Division 4 Green – Gail Plunkett, Colin Melville and Tom Kudelka.

    After the opening, which was attended by over 50 people, many stayed on to play and both Peter Mitchell and Peter Antonie managed the incredible feat in hitting a ball over another ball to make a hoop! We certainly look forward to recruiting both of them into the MCC Croquet Section.


    Club Champions

    Association Golf
    Division 1
    Allan Cleland Adrian Palmer
    Division 2 Graham Fahey
    Division 3 Bruce McComb
    Division 4 Brent Campbell


    The croquet section welcomes new members. There is a program of beginner lessons offered, after which players are able to join the section. Members of the MCC enjoy reduced fees.


    Please direct membership enquiries to


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