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    MCC Golf Section Results Archive

    Golf day at Yarra Yarra on Monday January 18
    Yarra Yarra Golf course was in magnificent condition and the weather turned out to be ok despite a couple of short sharp showers of rain. However, 76 players turned out and experienced Yarra Yarra at it absolute best. The staff at Yarra Yarra looked after us excellently during the day and afterwards at dinner.

    The results of the competitions on the day were:

    Winner A Grade - Graham Nicks (9)        36 points
    Runner Up A Grade - Matt Pearson (4)        34 points
    Winner B Grade - Marek Palka (19)        37 points
    Runner Up B Grade - Dennis Moore (19)         36 points

    Winner C Grade - Trevor McTaggart (22)        35 points
    Runner Up C Grade - Ernie Chin (20)              34 points

    Winner Ladies - Bev McDermott (23)        31 points
    Runner Up Ladies - Val Mitchell (12)         27 points
    Winner 4BBB - John Hamilton/Marek Palka       44 points
    Runner Up 4BBB - Brad Munro/Glenn Thomas       43 points
    NTP 1st Hole - Peter Gibson
    NTP 4th Hole - Steve Lamande
    NTP 11th Hole - Brad Munro
    NTP 15th Hole - Stephen Pap
    Longest Drive 18th Hole Men - Brad Munro
    Longest Drive 18th Hole Ladies - Between Yarra Yarra and yours truly we mucked up and there was no Ladies drive marker in place so all the women were given a prize.

    Golf day at Patterson River on Friday February 5
    Patterson River was a new course for our calendar and was heavily sponsored by the Patterson River Golf Club. It was disappointing that only 44 players entered for the day given the very cheap price and the excellent facilities and prizes that were offered by the Club.

    The course was in excellent condition and the rain held off with only a slight sprinkle just after the hit off time but was fine for the rest of the day. Everyone who played were unanimous that we should tell our friend about this very fine course and that we should aim for a much bigger turn out of players next year.

    There were insufficient players to have grade competitions for men but hopefully with a bit of prodding from the members who played on the day we can get our usual mid 70’s numbers next year.

    The results of the competitions on the day were:

    Winner Men’s - Brian Lynch (5)           43 points
    Runner Up - Dale Height (9)          40 points

    Winner Ladies - Val Mitchell (12)         30 points
    Runner Up Ladies - Shona MacInnes (10)         27 points
    Winner 4BBB - Mark Stapleton/Brian Lynch       49 points
    Runner Up 4BBB - Bernie Meehan/Trevor Hall       45 points
    NTP 2nd Hole - Brian Lunch
    NTP 7th  Hole - Barry Grigg
    NTP 12th Hole - Brian Lynch
    NTP 16th Hole - Paul Barlow
    Longest Drive Men - Peter Gibson
    Longest Drive Ladies - Shona MacInnes

    Golf day at The Dunes on Friday December 11, 2009
    There were 63 players at The Dunes and with a brilliant day weather wise with just a gentle breeze players enjoyed a fantastic day at the Dunes. The course was in its usual tip top condition and the food at the barbecue dinner afterwards was excellent as was the service from the golf and catering staff. The players really enjoyed the return to the four ball Ambrose format for our last match of the year.

    The results of the competitions on the day were:
    Ambrose first place: Don Beard, Dale Height, Chris Milverton, Graeme Taylor, 54.625Strokes.
    Second Place: Phil King, Bruce Silverwood, Rudi Bartholomeusz, Alex Stewart, 55,125 Strokes.
    Third Place: Ken Baddeley, Colin Baird, Peter Dawson, Gary Pollard, 55.75 Strokes.
    Longest Drive 18th Hole: Mens’ - Brian Meneilly (a monster drive)
                                                   Womens’ - Helen Pearce

    Nearest the Pins:

    Hole     Ladies                     Mens
    3rd       Di Simmons           Ron Albany
    6th       Jan Lovett                Bob Sheppard
    13th     Jan Lovett                Kean Flanagan
    17th     Wendy Lawson      Chris Milverton

    Golf day at Gisborne Golf Club on Friday November 20, 2009
    Some players were apparently a bit annoyed when the results of our day at Gisborne did not appear in the last newsletter. There is a very good reason for that and it is because for the 200 odd members who do not have an email address we have to restrict the number of inserts into the envelope to just three pages. Including the Gisborne results would have meant the newsletter going onto two pages and with the calendar, the Yarra Yarra notice, the annual subscription notice and the newsletter of two pages we would have stretched to five pages. As it was we had to print the newsletter and the calendar on both sides of one sheet of paper to keep the post out notice to just three pages. So for those of you who missed so badly the news about Gisborne here it is!

    There were 60 players who hit off with the weather hot and sunny 35 degrees. The course was in magnificent condition, the legend couch fairways were lush along with perfect greens as a result of having a plentiful supply of recycled water which combined with the and picturesque views of Mt Macedon was a lovely environment to enjoy a game of golf. Everybody enjoyed the excellent BBQ buffet dinner. Five players broke their handicaps. A special mention goes to the 13th eagle hole with a $1000 voucher which was shared by Graham Taylor and Trevor McDonald with birdies on the hole. The 16th Hole nearest to the pin $200 voucher went to Dianna Wilson. Dianna was within 2cm from a hole in one.

    Our thanks goes to Pat Considine who provided the voucher on the 13th hole and to Peter O’Connor who sponsored the Womens’ nearest the pin competition on the 16th Hole.

    The results of the competitions on the day were:

    Winner A Grade Graham Nicks (9)                       37 points
    Runner Up A Grade Tim harvey (10)                    30 points
    Winner B Grade Robert John (15)                        37 points countback
    Runner Up B Grade Rob Simpkins (13)             37 points

    Winner C Grade Robin Feltham (20)                   39 points
    Runner Up C Grade Bernie Meehan (21)           38 points

    Winner Ladies  Dianna Wilson (34)                     33points
    Runner Up Ladies Dianne Simmons (25)          32 points
    Winner 4BBB  Robert John /Paul Butler               48points
    Runner Up 4BBB Bob Shepherd/Robert John    46points 

    NTP  2nd  hole:  Trevor Hall
    NTP  4th   hole:  Ron Albany (local knowledge pays off as Ron is Captain of Gisborne)
    NTP  9th   hole:  Pierre Kriegler
    NTP 16th  hole:  Dianna Wilson (womens’ special sponsored competition), Bill Murray (men)

    Longest Drive 10th hole: Men: A   Clif Mitchell
                                                           B   Ian harvey
                                                           C   Trevor Hall
    Longest Drive 16th hole: Ladies: Val Mitchell

    Golf day at Commonwealth on Monday October 5, 2009
    The MCC Golf Section Championships were played last Monday in very good playing conditions and the Commonwealth course was in great condition having hosted the first round of the Commonwealth Club Championships over the weekend. One of our members, Rowena Brown, qualified 4th in the Commonwealth Club Championships and we wish her the best of luck in the final rounds.

    The men’s Champion for 2009 is Brian Meneilly who played off a handicap of seven. The last time Brian won this event in 2002 he played off 27 so he has improved immensely over the last seven years. His score of 40 stableford points was an excellent result. He also had 22 points on the back nine which included a wipe on the 13th hole. The women’s event was won by Anne O’Brien who won the day with a score of 33 points on a count back from Judy Bull. Anne is a regular competitor in our golf days and was a well deserving winner.

    There were 77 players who enjoyed the day at Commonwealth and the food and service from the staff was again exceptional. Everybody enjoyed the dinner after golf and many stayed for longer than usual after these events. They must have enjoyed the 19th Hole.

    The results of the competitions on the day were:

    Winner A Grade Brian Meneilly (7)                            40 points
    Runner Up A Grade Geoff Cupples (10)                 37 points (countback)
    Winner B Grade Steve Ellis (11)                               38 points
    Runner Up B Grade Volker Heinze (13)                  37 points

    Winner C Grade Terry Wight (24)                             38 points
    Runner Up C Grade David Fotheringham (22)     34 points

    Winner Ladies  Anne O’Brien                                    33 points (countback)
     Runner Up Ladies Judy Bull                                     33 points 
    Winner 4BBB  Brian Meneilly/Ty Hill                         46 points (countback)
     Runner Up 4BBB Doug Picken/Gary Stone           46 points
    NTP 7th hole:      Dean Cowled
    NTP 9th hole:      David Fotheringham
    NTP 15th hole:    Tim Beer
    Longest Drive 18th hole: Men - Brian Meneilly (A), Ty Hill (B), Paul Bunn (C)
                                                 Ladies - Shona MacInnes


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