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Recent Club Functions

Long Room Dinner with Karen Martini
Thursday July 23, 2015

MC Ian Cover with Karen Martini This year’s Long Room Dinner featured well known chef Karen Martini, and once again 160 members and guests were treated to a fabulous event.  The evening commenced with canapés and beverages served in the Committee Room prior to guests making their way to the Long Room.

The Mediterranean-inspired menu started with a range of share platters served to the table as Karen specifically wanted to create a sense of conviviality. Her vision for the night was to have members and guests Karen putting finishing touches to the share platters in the kitchen.embrace the food and share it amongst each other fostering a sense of friendship and hospitality. The atmosphere in the Long Room as the share platters were being enjoyed indicated that Karen had achieved her goal.

The main course was an incredible braised lamb shank, encased in soft pastry that was simply delicious. The lamb melted in your mouth and was perfectly spiced and full of flavour that matched beautifully with a shiraz.

Master of ceremonies for the evening, Ian Cover, hosted a light and entertaining interview with Karen which highlighted her passion and love of food. When asked what inspired her, Karen simply responded that her hunger is what gives her inspiration.  She spoke about how food was always of interest to her but she never dreamed that it would become her career.

Members and guests heard about Karen’s apprenticeships at renowned Melbourne restaurants Mietta’s, where she learnt from Jacques Reymond and The Wine Room and their impact on her career. She talked about her food travels, work in the print and TV media, her successful cook books and now balancing motherhood with all the above.

Karen told members and guests that the dessert she prepared for this function had only been tasted by 90 people prior to this evening and she was looking forward to the feedback.  The dessert was inspirational. With an incredible polenta cake, topped with dark chocolate and vin santo ice cream, it was no doubt the confit olive cased in sugar that was the talking point.  

Karen made herself available throughout dessert, roaming around the room and mingling with members and guests, signing menus and enjoying their conversation and feedback.

We look forward to another successful Long Room Dinner in 2016.


VRC/MCC Winter Raceday Function
y July 18, 2015

In beautiImage courtesy of Honey Gem Creative.ful winter sunshine, nearly 400 VRC and MCC members and guests made their way to The Peak function room at Flemington Racecourse to enjoy the VRC/MCC Winter Raceday Event.

In spectacular surrounds and in prime location to see the finish line, the crowd enjoyed a terrific day of racing and hospitality. The function was hosted by TAB’s Nick Quinn who was also in charge of the punters club for the day. With many guests participating in the punters club, there was much delight when they returned with a win at day’s end.

Included in the function package were beverages, a delicious grazing menu and generous cheese station. Some lucky attendees also walked away with some great door prizes. The function proving once again that it is a great opportunity for members and guests from both the VRC and MCC to mingle with each other and enjoy a great day out at Flemington.

Photo courtesy of Honey Gem Creative.


MFC/MCC Game Day Function
Saturday July 11, 2015

MFC/MCC Game Day Function - July 11, 2015The second MFC/MCC Game Day Function for season 2015 was held prior to the Essendon v Melbourne match on Saturday July 11.

Over 160 members and guests attended the lunch on a cold, wet and wintery Melbourne day. This didn’t dampen the mood in the room which was abuzz with excitement at the prospect another Melbourne win!

Host Russell Robertson was again entertaining and insightful behind the microphone. The theme of the day was celebrating Demons who have played over 150 games for the great club. Former players Frank Adams, Stan Alves and Steven Febey were happy to have a chat to Robbo and entertained all in the room with some amusing stories of their playing days at Melbourne.

We also heard from injured current player Christian Salem who spoke of his recovery from a hamstring injury along with some interesting stories of the teams training program and pre-game meditation ritual.

It was a tight match played in wet conditions and sadly the Bombers snatched victory from the Dees, winning by nine points.

The third and final MFC/MCC Game Day Function will be held on Sunday August 23 as the Demons take on Carlton. Click here for more details.


Norm Smith Oration
Wednesday June 3, 2015

FROM LEFT: MCC president Steven Smith with Peter Gordon and Gerard Healy at the 2015 Norm Smith Oration. In welcoming members and guests to the fifth Norm Smith Oration, Tim Lane noted the year of this event had special significance, being the centenary year of Norm’s birth and also the 50th year since the incredible mid-season upheaval which saw him sacked as coach of Melbourne and subsequently re-instated.

Before introducing the evening’s guest speakers, Tim reflected on Norm Smith’s football achievements, his success in coaching Melbourne to six premierships and four more as a player, which is why Norm is regarded as a legend of the Melbourne Football Club and of Australian football.

In his toast to football, Gerard Healy spoke of his passion for our indigenous game, the game we all love, at the ground we all love, the MCG. From around the age of 10, Gerard began to realise how important this game was not only to him, but to those around him.

This included Father Oliver, who also happened to be coach of the St Joseph’s under 11 side. He was not interested in Gerard confessing two weeks worth of sins, but more interested in him getting a kick and the team winning – it had been two weeks since either happened!

Gerard told of his boyhood dreams to one day play for St Kilda and his big dream, to play State of Origin for Victoria. Although the former didn’t happen at St Kilda, he did play seven years at Melbourne Football Club and went on to represent Victoria 12 times.

There were a number of influential players Gerard looked up to, including Darrel Baldock, Royce Hart, Peter McKenna and Alex Jesaulenko but perhaps the biggest role model for 10-year-old Gerard was Patty O’Shea. Not a professional footballer, but a 12-year-old who dominated the local kick-to-kick, it was Patty’s ability to kick the prefect torpedo on both feet which influenced and changed Gerard’s daily training routine and also his professional routine.

Gerard spoke of the “magicians” in the game, a rare commodity, only seeing a few each year. He spoke of his admiration for Peter Daicos, the personification of the player he wanted to be as a young boy, the ultimate magician of football of his time. Gerard was honoured to have played with those rare few who had the magic: Gary Ablett Snr, Simon Madden, Garry Wilson and Darren Jarman. Some of today’s magicians in Gerard’s view include Buddy Franklin, Nat Fyfe, Cyril Rioli and Marcus Bontempelli.

Throughout his playing career Gerard’s philosophy was always the same - win it as many times as you can and try to do something clever with it. The fitter you became the more times you got it, the harder you practiced, the closer you got to the magic.

In raising his glass, Gerard gave a toast to the “magicians of football” and to football.

In his response, Western Bulldogs president Peter Gordon started by listing two reasons why he shouldn’t be speaking this evening. One was his complete lack of football ability and nous and the second was that he grew up with a robust, larrikin disdain of the MCC members stand and the people who sat in it...thankfully this was followed by rapturous laughter from the audience!

With a self-proclaimed lack of any skills or football ability, Peter recalled many fond memories of his time spent sitting in the outer at the MCG. Pictures of Norm Smith in that trench coat on grand final day, memories of EJ Whitten’s emotional trip around the MCG and Barassi running out for his first premiership as coach.

A passionate Footscray supporter from a young age, Peter reflected on growing up in the Western suburbs, riding his bike to watch the Bulldogs train and cheering the boys on. Although his dad had many cricket stories, there was only one football reference he ever made to the MCG and that was of a Footscray player called Merv Hobbs who had taken one of the greatest marks of all times on the ‘G in the 1961 preliminary final against Melbourne.

A photograph of Merv’s mark was placed on the screens and then a very humble Merv stood to wave to guests from his table.

Peter’s passion for the game was highlighted when he recalled a story from a recent dinner with Western Bulldogs captain Rob Murphy, where both men were moved to confess to the table what they fantasised a twenty-first century Bulldogs premiership might look like. Peter was able to provide a kick-by-kick description of what the last quarter would look like, ending in a 28-point win over Hawthorn!

Rob’s fantasy was, according to Peter, a little more poetic with the Bulldogs song being sung while walking the cup to Footscray Town Hall and finally to Whitten Oval all with a picturesque sun setting in the background.

In closing, Peter reflected on how much a part of his life and the lives of so many people, the MCG is. It is a part of our past and a part of who we are. The MCG is a field which belongs to us all and to which we all belong.


MFC/MCC Game Day Function
Saturday May 16, 2015

The first MFC/MCC Game Day Function for season 2015 was held prior to the Hawthorn v Melbourne match on Saturday May 16.

Our new host for the day, Russell Robertson did an outstanding job replacing our previous host of many years, Stephen Phillips, who sadly passed away earlier this year.  A touching tribute was ready by Robbo acknowledging Stephen’s contribution to these functions since their inception.

With nearly 150 members and guests in attendance, the room had a fantastic energy pre-match with some great interviews hosted by Robbo.  Former Melbourne players, David Williams, David Flintoff, Steve O’Dwyer and Stephen Newport were in attendance on the day and all got the chance to say a few words.

The theme of the day was the old rivalry enjoyed by the two clubs, Hawthorn and Melbourne throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s and the former players in attendance shared some great stories of their era.
They also entertained those in attendance with talk of what footy was like in their day, noting the many differences in pre-match preparation, training, recovery and of course, the on-field battles and brutal encounters.

We also had Jack Viney address the crowd who were delighted to hear from him, but would much prefer to have seen him out on the ground.

Sadly the Hawks had taken control of the game by half-time but we are all looking forward to the next MFC/MCC Game Day Function on Saturday July 11 as the Demons take on the Bombers.


Comedy @ the 'G
Friday May 1, 2015

The first of this year’s Comedy @ the ‘G functions held in the Hans Ebeling Room was a sold out affair!
Held prior to the Carlton v Collingwood match, members and their guests enjoyed snack food and drinks before being entertained by some of Australia’s top comedians.

Compere and comedian, Ben Lomas kicked off the evening with his laid-back nature and style of comedy keeping the audience engaged and laughing before Monica Dullard took to the stage.

A talented stand-up comedian and whacky librarian from Fawkner, Monica was excited to be performing at the ‘G for MCC members. Always seated in the nose-bleed section high on Level 4 of the Southern Stand, she often wondered ‘how the other half lived’ and enjoyed not getting vertigo on Level 2 of the members reserve!When ex-country football player Troy Carrington – aka Damian Callinan – took to the stage guests were wondering what this inarticulate country boy would have to say. When recounting stories of his football hey-day and pre-season bonding activities, Troy revealed a much more culturally sensitive persona particularly when talking of a post-season footy trip to Prague to follow the Mozart trail! The laughs kept coming when Troy told of the effectiveness of referencing Shakespeare to put your opponent off during a match. Whoever thought Shakespeare could be referenced 'on thy football field'!

Bookings for our next Comedy @ the G event, to be held on July 31, will open on June 16.
Tickets are $50, inclusive of pre-game snack food and drinks, a reserved seat on Level 2 and a great night of comedy!

Young Members' Anzac Ball
Thursday April 23, 2015

Members at the 2015 Young Members' Anzac BallAnother Young Members’ Anzac Ball full of fabulous food and great entertainment was held in the Members Dining Room.

Nearly 400 members and guests enjoyed a three-course dinner, beverages and a packed dance floor as they celebrated the ninth Young Members’ Anzac Ball, this year hosted by Peter Lazer.

The highlight of the evening was Breanna Janson, a recipient of the Premier’s Spirit of Anzac prize for her award-winning poem. 

A year 12 student from Nagle College in Bairnsdale, Breanna captivated the audience as she delivered a powerful and emotional poem which she had dedicated to her late great-grandfather.

With great poise, Breanna delivered the poem which captured the story of a young man who went to war, endured and witnessed many atrocities, to finally returned home and begin his life again.

The audience was both respectful and moved by her words and awarded her a round of applause at the conclusion of her address.

The remainder of the evening was full of fun, dancing and plenty of use of the selfie frame!

Don’t miss out on the next huge Young Members event to be held on Friday October 23.