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    MCC and Kew Heights Sports Club

    Aug 23, 2012

    Kew Heights Sports ClubThe Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) is delighted to inform its members that the members of the Kew Heights Sports Club (KHSC) have formally approved a long-term partnership to be entered into between MCC and KHSC.

    An agreement has been reached between MCC and KHSC which reflects a shared vision for the upgrading of the KHSC facilities – including lawn bowls greens, tennis courts, function rooms and bar facilities – located at 397 Barkers Road, Kew.

    The key aspects of this agreement, which will assure the future of the Kew sporting facilities, are:

    • Through the MCC Foundation, MCC will invest approximately $3.5 million in upgrading the KHSC facilities.
    • The existing KHSC debt of approximately $150,000 will be discharged.
    • KHSC will be renamed MCC–Kew Sports Club, with the newly-named club being responsible for managing the improved facilities on a day to day basis.
    • Ownership of the Barkers Road site will be transferred to the MCC Foundation and a lease established between MCC Foundation and MCC-Kew Sports Club.

    As a result of the members of KHSC having voted tonight in favour of the arrangements reflected in the agreement, the MCC will now enter into a detail design process, estimated to take 8-10 weeks, with the works commencing on the upgrading of existing facilities in April 2013. 

    These works are expected to take 12 months to complete.

    The improvements to be implemented will be for the long-term benefit not only of existing KHSC members (many of whom are MCC members) but also for other MCC members and MCC waiting list candidates who are not currently members of KHSC and who will be able to use sporting and social facilities akin to those currently available at other MCC-controlled sites.

    “The MCC is investing in the long-term future of the club and providing sporting and social club opportunities for our members through a sensible acquisition and development,” said MCC president Paul Sheahan. 

    “The new facilities at MCC-Kew Sports Club, when completed, will be of great value to existing KHSC members and especially for MCC members and the wider community, many of whom are on the waiting list for MCC membership.”

    Mr Sheahan said that through the MCC Foundation, the club has a strong history of promoting sport in the community, with its MCC Sporting Sections, and support of initiatives with AFL Victoria.

    Mr Sheahan also confirmed that while acquiring KHSC, the club has no intention of selling the current bowls and croquet venue at Glen Street, Hawthorn.

    Members will be kept informed of developments in the months ahead, including details of membership packages for the MCC-Kew Sports Club.


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    Posted by: David Wood on 24/08/2012 12:56:37 PM

    excellent initiative good work MCC thinking outside of the square!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by: John on 24/08/2012 03:47:13 PM

    Does this mean MCC members, currently not members at Kew, will be allowed to use the facilities?

    Posted by: Melbourne Cricket Club on 24/08/2012 04:31:14 PM

    Hi John. Yes, MCC members will have opportunities to become members of the new facility, although exact details are still to be finalised.

    Posted by: Patrick Moore on 24/08/2012 05:23:12 PM

    Terrific that this has happened for both Clubs.
    Any chance in the future of being able to use the lawns there for Croquet?

    Posted by: Melbourne Cricket Club on 24/08/2012 05:37:24 PM

    Hi Patrick. Thanks for your enquiry and feedback. There are no plans in the current proposal regarding access for croquet, but we’ll keep members informed of any plans as the development progresses.

    Posted by: Kane on 25/08/2012 06:24:40 PM

    Will the MCC also be looking at investing in similar facilities for members benefits, south, north and west of the Melbourne City area? I hope so. We want to benefit all members.

    Posted by: Peter Haberecht on 26/08/2012 12:28:37 AM

    Mark, what a great suggestion, I agree there musty be clubs in the Leafy West and Geelong which could do with the support, funds, and professional guidance. I wonder why the Kew club received such attention?

    Posted by: Christine Swan on 15/09/2012 12:25:38 PM

    Comgratulations on this fantastic initiative.

    Posted by: pamela beaumont on 16/10/2013 04:22:40 PM

    hi does the new Kew centre have disability access?

    Posted by: Melbourne Cricket Club on 16/10/2013 05:09:43 PM

    Hi Pamela. Yes, MCC-Kew Sports Club has ramps at front and back, lift to the first floor and a disabled toilet off the rear entry hallway. It is fully compliant with disability access standards.

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