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Membership system shutdown

Mar 08, 2012

For some time, the MCC has been working on a project to move its membership information from an existing system to a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

In order to move from the existing membership system to the CRM, it is necessary for the MCC to completely shut down the current system for a period.

This will affect members who may wish to undertake routine website tasks.  It will also impact those visiting the Membership Services Office during the Sheffield Shield game on March 9, 10 and 11.

System outage

The existing membership system will be turned off on Thursday March 8 at 4.00pm. The new system will be progressively brought online throughout Tuesday March 13. 

During this time (approximately 4-5 days), members will have no access to payments by phone and the following elements of the club website:

• Account login
• Function bookings
• Change Personal Details form
• Membership renewal payments
• Football tipping competition
• Contact Us enquiry form
• MCC merchandise store
• Member blogs
• Members Dining Room ballot registration
• Long Room/Balcony passes application form

Importantly, the remainder of the club website will operate as normal and members can still purchase visitor tickets for the 2012 AFL season through Ticketek during this period.

Found a problem?

Please be understanding during this transition period as we strive to improve our service to members.

We may experience minor teething problems as our service representatives become accustomed to a new system, so we ask for your patience during the transition.

If you experience any issues with using the website or other system components of your membership after the new system is in place, please contact the club on (03) 9657 8888 or email


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