Melbourne Cricket Club - Amended attendance figure: Australia v Japan at MCG
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Amended attendance figure: Australia v Japan at MCG

Jun 30, 2009

The Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) advises that the official attendance figure for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Asian Group Qualifier between Australia and Japan on June 17 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has been amended.

The correct attendance figure for this event is 74,100. 

An attendance of 69,238 was published on the night of the match.  However, a combination of technical and human error in collating this figure has since been uncovered and the MCC immediately alerted Football Federation Australia once the discrepancy became known.

“While it is regrettable that such an error should occur, we were delighted with the significant attendance at this event,” said Trevor Dohnt, MCC general manager event operations. 

The official figure of 74,100 places the match in sixth position on the highest ever MCG attendances for a soccer match.

Highest MCG attendances – Soccer

Crowd                           Event                                                                                  Date                               
95,103                          Friendly (Australia v Greece)                                      May 25, 2006
93,225                          Olympic Games (Australia v Italy)                               Sep 13, 2000
85,513                          World Cup Qualifier (Australia v Iran)                         Nov 29, 1997
84,656                          World Cup Qualifier (Australia v Uruguay)                 Nov 20, 2001
79,795                          Friendly (Australia v Brazil)                                        Nov 17, 1999
74,100                        World Cup Qualifier (Australia v Japan)                 June 17, 2009
71,215                          Friendly (Australia v Manchester United)                   Jul 15, 1999
70,171                          Friendly (Australia v Argentina)                                  Sep 11, 2007

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