Waiting list

As one of the biggest sporting clubs in the world, the MCC also has one of the largest waiting lists for membership.

There are currently more than 242,000 people on the waiting list. Waiting list candidates can occasionally attend matches within the Members Reserve by viewing our special offers

Existing Provisional members nominated from December 1, 1996 to May 31, 1997 inclusive will be elected to Restricted membership.

Waiting list candidates nominated between November 1, 1997 and January 31, 1999 inclusive will be offered Provisional membership.

Do we have your updated details?

Please ensure that your personal details, including email address, on our files are kept up-to-date during your time on the waiting list.

This will ensure that you receive your offer of membership when you are eligible.

Change personal details

Please note you will need your File number in order to verify yourself as a waiting list candidate and to submit your details. If you no longer have your File number, please contact us via email.

How to join the MCC membership waiting list

In order to be placed on the MCC membership waiting list, the candidate must complete a nomination form and submit it to the club with an accompanying fee of $110 (incl. GST).

Nomination forms require the signature of both a proposer and seconder that must be Full members of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

In accordance with the club rules, it is the responsibility of the candidate to obtain two Full members to propose and second their application. They also do not permit restricted members to propose or second nominations. Please note, no additional fees will be incurred until an offer of membership is made.

Full members are able to propose or second a maximum of 4 nominations per membership season.

Payment methods

Please note that when a nomination form is sent in the post, payment can be made with credit card (MasterCard or Visa only) or via cheque or money order made out to the Melbourne Cricket Club.

When paying in person, all methods of payment are available including EFTPOS and cash.

If you require any further information, please email the club.

How long must I wait to be a member?

The committee determines the number of candidates it can offer Full, Restricted and Provisional membership in June/July of each year.

Due to numerous variable factors that are taken into consideration when determining new member intakes each year, it is not possible to estimate exactly how long a candidate on the waiting list will have to wait before they are offered membership.

However, we do know the nomination date of the latest candidates elected to membership in our intake for the 2016/17 season.

2016/17 membership intake

All Restricted members who were nominated on the waiting list from September 1, 1990 to November 30, 1990 inclusive will be offered Full membership.

Existing Provisional members nominated from December 1, 1996 to May 31, 1997 inclusive will be offered Restricted membership

Waiting list candidates nominated from November 1, 1997 to January 31, 1999inclusive will be offered Provisional membership

The waiting list, therefore, will consist of candidates nominated from February 1, 1999 to today.