Dress Standards

The club’s dress standards are enforced at all events in the Reserve.

To avoid any embarrassment at the turnstiles, please ensure that your attire, and that of your guests, is appropriate for the areas of the Reserve you plan to attend.

Notwithstanding the outlined dress standards, management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person considered not suitably attired.

To assist members with adhering to the dress standards, we have provided a series of examples of suitable and unsuitable dress for the following areas of the club:

Members Reserve

The minimum standard dress to enter the Members Reserve is neat casual for both men and women.

Males 15 years and over must wear a collared shirt (even if worn under a collared sweater or jacket) at all times in the Reserve.

This continues to be the major reason for male members and guests being denied admission, so please inform your guests of this requirement.

Please note that caps, hats, beanies and football jumpers are not to be worn in the Frank Grey Smith Bar and Jim Stynes Grill.

Not Acceptable: Men
• Thongs, scuffs, dilapidated footwear, gumboots, moccasins, slippers and ugg boots.
• T-shirts, singlets, torn or ripped clothes, even if "designer" tears.
• Shirts not supported by a collar including crew neck shirts (skivvies are acceptable).
• Football, running, athletic, bike, tennis and board shorts.
• Tracksuit pants.
• Beachwear.
• Overalls.
• Any clothing displaying racist or similarly offensive messages.

Not Acceptable: Women
• Thongs, scuffs, dilapidated footwear, gumboots, moccasins, slippers and ugg boots.
• Torn or ripped garments, even if "designer" tears.
• Running, athletic or bike shorts, or sportswear such as tennis skirts.
• Tracksuit pants.
• Beachwear.
• Bikini tops and tops showing bare midriff.
• Any clothing displaying racist or similarly offensive messages.

Click here to download examples of acceptable and not acceptable attire.

Long Room and Members Dining Room

The dress standard for males in the Long Room and Members Dining Room is a lounge suit or tailored jacket, shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes. Females are expected to dress to a similar standard.

Please note that jackets may be removed during the summer months. National costume and religious requirements such as a clerical collar are acceptable.
For your guidance, some unacceptable items of clothing in the Long Room and Members Dining Room include (these should be read in conjunction with the Members Reserve dress standards):

Please note that for T20 Big Bash League matches, while the normal dress regulations will apply to access the Members Reserve, requirements will be relaxed for access to the Members Dining Room, where only Members Reserve standards will be required. The normal Long Room dress standards will apply for access to that room.

Not Acceptable: Men
• Any form of sports shoe such as joggers, track shoes and runners.
• Sandals and any shoes without socks.
• Jeans, cargo pants or non-tailored pants.
• Open-neck shirts or shirts without collars.
• Parkas, duffle coats, wind-breakers, tracksuit tops, golf and yachting weatherproofs, waist-length jackets including bomber jackets, denim jackets, zippered jackets, anoraks and driz-a-bones.
• Hats, caps and any other headwear unless part of national or religious dress.
• Pullovers or cardigans (without a jacket), rugby tops and football guernseys, even if wearing a tie.

Not Acceptable: Women
• Any form of sports shoe, joggers, track shoes, runners, and casual sandals.
• Tank tops.
• Jeans, cargo pants and non-tailored pants.
• "Leggings" or shorts.
• Parkas, duffle coats, denim jackets, wind-breakers, golf and yachting weatherproofs, anoraks and bomber jackets.
• Note: Footless tights acceptable if suitable dress worn over the top.

Click here for examples of acceptable and not acceptable attire.