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The MCC Library provides a collection of library materials for a range of users.

Clients include MCC members, staff, academics, journalists, historians, students, tour groups and members of the MCG community. As a reference library, it does not loan its holdings.

The strengths of the collection are in cricket, Australian football, Olympic Games, tennis, golf, and 19th and early 20th century Melbourne newspapers – specifically the Australasian, Melbourne Punch and Melbourne Leader.

There are substantial holdings in a number of other sports ranging from archery and athletics through to wrestling and yachting.

The cricket collection consists mainly of biographies, histories of clubs and competitions, and statistical material.

There is a large collection of rare books, some dating from the 1600s, some in mint condition, others watermarked and annotated by previous owners.

MCC Archives and MCC Library Storage Collections: Temporary closure to public access

The MCC Archives and MCC Library collection areas are undergoing some major changes. A new archive space is being developed onsite with purpose built shelving and environmental controls. The library storage stacks will be reorganised to take advantage of a new design and additional storage shelving.

Physical access to the spaces will be severely restricted during the planning and preparation then closed throughout the works themselves. Therefore, access to these two collections for public research is closed from November 7, 2016 until April 18, 2017.

The Library on Level 3 of the MCC Members Reserve, which contains the bulk of the reference collection, is open as usual throughout this time and the collection can be searched online.
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