Overseas members

Overseas membership is a "holding" membership available to members who are residing outside Australia.

A member may make application to the club for placement on the Overseas membership list once they are residing overseas. A reduced subscription rate will then apply for the following membership season.

Subscription rates for Overseas members for the 2017/18 membership season are:

Full Adult Overseas - $217
Full Intermediate Overseas - $175

Restricted Adult Overseas - $217
Restricted Intermediate Overseas - $175
Restricted Junior Overseas - $133

Provisional Adult Overseas – $140
Provisional Intermediate Overseas $112
Provisional Junior Overseas – $87

Placement on the Overseas membership list will automatically deactivate the member’s photo ID card. Entry to the club’s facilities will be granted on a return visit as long as it does not exceed six weeks. Overseas membership subscriptions do not include entry to matches in the AFL Finals Series.

Overseas members may attract charges to attend specific events, as determined by the club from time to time.

View the Overseas membership guidelines

2017 AFL Grand Final

As an Overseas member, your membership fees do not cover entry entitlements into the AFL Grand Final.

Therefore you will need to pay an admission fee before you can gain entry to the Reserve.

Entry is subject to the conditions of an Overseas member short stay whereby you will be required to submit your flight itinerary for your stay in Australia.

Your membership card can be validated for the AFL Grand Final by:

    - Completing this grand final access application form and returning to the club with the member's flight itinerary.

    - Visiting the Membership Services Office (open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm).

    - Visiting the membership services windows at Gate 2 on a match day upon presentation of flight itinerary (long delays may be experienced on match day).