Provisional membership

To manage the capacity of the Members Reserve and to protect the amenity of members on major event days, Provisional members will have limited or no access to the Reserve on some event days.

All MCG event days have been categorised according to the expected demand from members and their guests to attend that day.

These categories determine the access Provisional members have to the Reserve, as well as their ability to purchase visitor tickets and reserved seats, enter the Members Dining Room ballot or apply to obtain a Long Room or Balcony pass for guests.

Please refer to the table below for a description of each event category, along with what will be available to Provisional members at each event day.

Provisional member event categories explained

2017 AFL season

View this document for details of the Provisional membership match categories for the 2017 AFL season.

Provisional members will be able to access the MCC Reserve for 41 of the 46 AFL matches at the MCG.

View the 2017 Football Guide.

2017/18 cricket season

Some early arrangements have been finalised for Provisional members during the upcoming international cricket season

View details here