Victoria Racing Club

MCC members can enjoy the benefits of the club's reciprocal access arrangement with the VRC at race meetings listed below during the 2017/18 Racing Season.

MCC members will be able to access the Members’ Enclosure at Flemington for the below listed VRC-hosted race meetings and they may also introduce up to four guests.

Access to the Members’ Enclosure is not applicable for any other VRC racedays.

MCC members and their guests must pay the admission fee to the racecourse and then proceed to the Raceday and Ticketing Office to obtain Members’ Enclosure ticketing.

Upon presentation of their photo ID membership card, MCC members can obtain a complimentary Members’ Enclosure Guest Pass. Passes can also be purchased for up to four guests – refer below for racecourse admission and Members’ Enclosure pass prices.

VRC members’ dress regulations apply and these be can viewed on the VRC website.

Please note that these prices are only applicable for the below mentioned race dates.

Standard Saturday Meetings

Racecourse admission $12
Guest ticket into Members’ Enclosure $25
Total cost: $37

Public holidays (excluding Melbourne Cup Day)

Racecourse Admission $15
Guest ticket into Members’ Enclosure $25
Total cost: $40

2018 Calendar

Saturday March 3
Australian Guineas Day* 
Saturday March 17
Autumn Raceday 
Wednesday April 25 ANZAC Day (public holiday pricing) 
Saturday May 5
May Raceday 
Saturday May 19
National Hall of Fame Raceday 
Saturday June 9
June Raceday 
Saturday June 23
Provincial and Country Raceday 
Saturday July 7
Flemington Finals Day 
Saturday July 21
Recognition Raceday 

*Please note, total cost for this day is $50 - $20 for racecourse admission and $30 for Members' Enclosure ticketing).