Parking schedule

On most event days in the precinct, when rain has not affected the park's condition, vehicles are permitted on the grass in Yarra Park.

Parking costs $10 (cash) and all money is invested back into upkeep of the park.

Event day live updates

On MCG event days, the MCG homepage and event detail pages will feature live updates on the capacity of parking in Yarra Park.

Note: Vehicles will be held back upon exit for a period of time until pedestrians have cleared the precinct. Also, there are changed arrangements for motorbikes.

Due to works taking place at Swan Street Bridge, traffic delays are expected. Pedestrians should also be aware of the changed access conditions in the area.

Opening times
Aug 23
Trevor Noah
Aug 25
Rich v WB
Gate 3: 10.00am
Gate 5: 12.00pm
Gate 6: 11.00am
Gate 7: 9.30am* 
Aug 26
Melb v GWS
Gate 3: 11.00am
Gate 5: 1.30pm
Gate 6: 12.30pm
Gate 7: 10.30am* 
Aug 28
Gate 3: 5.00pm
Aug 29
Gate 3: 5.00pm
Aug 30
Gene Simmons
Aug 31
NRL Gate 5: 5.00pm

*Gate 7 is not a public access gate. It is only for those with media passes, corporate passes or accessible parking permits.

Yarra Park map

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