50-year membership

50-year membership is classified and holds the entitlements of Full membership.

The Melbourne Cricket Club provides additional benefits to 50-year members on match days including access to an exclusive reserved seating area on Level 2 within Bay N42, access to the John Landy Room (located in Level 2, behind Bay N37) and priority access to the Members' Reserve.

Access to the Members' Reserve

The Club’s 50-Year members can book a seat via Ticketek into the Members’ Reserve or the 50-Year member only seating area (N42). Please note that tickets in N42 will be available on a first-in, first-served basis and there will be a limited number of seats available per match. Should capacity in this area be reached, 50-Year members will still be able to obtain a seat elsewhere in the Reserve (subject to capacity).

If 50-Year members wish to book tickets with another member (not a 50-Year member) or visitor, they will not be eligible to sit in N42 as this seating area is only available exclusively for 50-Year members.

The John Landy Room will have very limited capacity so we ask 50-Year members to respect the needs of some of our more elderly 50-Year members who may benefit from using the room and protecting themselves from the outside elements.

More information: Visiting the Reserve

Entry to Members Reserve

50-year members are entitled to priority access to the Members' Reserve via the mobility impaired entrance located around the corner to the left hand side of Gate 2.

John Landy Room

Dress requirements to utilise the seating and refreshments within the John Landy Room are the same as the Long Room and Members Dining Room. That is, jacket and tie for men and equivalent standard for women.

50-Year Membership Arrangements and 50-Year Social Membership Category

Thank you to members who recently participated in the ballot to determine arrangements for the 50-Year membership classification and introduce a new category of membership, 50-Year Social.

Following a ballot process led by independent voting services provider CorpVote, a total of 18,581 votes were received and the results were as follows:

  • For – 77.48%
  • Against – 22.52%

In accordance with the Club Rules, the proposed changes have now been adopted. The Club’s new Rules are available to view here.

Below is an outline of the timeframe in which the changes will come into effect.

1. Recognition of 50-Year members in the Club Rules

The classification of 50-Year membership has now been formally recognised in the Club Rules. This now cements the benefits and structure of the classification for future generations. To view the Club Rules, click here.

2. Inclusion of the initial specified cohort of female members to the 50-Year membership classification

We will welcome the first cohort of female members, who meet the set criteria, into the 50-Year membership classification from the 2023/24 membership season which begins on September 1, 2023.

This cohort will receive direct communications when renewal notices are issued next year about their elevation for the 2023/24 membership season and will also be given the choice of being in the 50-Year classification or moving into the 50-Year Social category. Members do not need to supply any evidence of their eligibility as the Club holds the information to verify elevation into the 50-Year classification.

Current members who satisfy the following criteria by August 31, 2023 will be classified as 50-Year members for the 2023/24 membership season:

  1. became a female Waiting List Nominee before August 31, 1987 and then subsequently either:
    1. accepted an offer of Restricted membership on or before September 30, 1997; or
    2. became a Full member on the basis of a converted Lady's Card or Guest Card, on or before September 30, 1997, and have been a Main Category Member continuously from the time of first being admitted as a Main Category Member; and
  2. are 65 years of age or older.

Members who satisfy the above criteria by August 31 each year will be acknowledged as 50-Year members from the following membership season commencing on September 1.

3. 50-Year membership subscriptions

The subscription fees for 50-Year membership have been endorsed and will now gradually increase over the coming years to bring them in line with contemporary costs of management of our Club, amenities and other financial commitments.

The 50-Year membership classification fee structure will be:

  • 2023/24 membership season: 5% of the Subscription payable by a Full member in the relevant membership season (the first season with the female membership cohort included)
  • 2024/25 membership season: 20% of the Subscription payable by a Full member in the relevant membership season
  • 2025/26 membership season: 30% of the Subscription payable by a Full member in the relevant membership season
  • 2026/27 membership season: 40% of the Subscription payable by a Full member in the relevant membership season
  • 2027/28 membership season: 50% of the Subscription payable by a Full member in the relevant membership season

4. Introduction of 50-Year Social membership category

A new category of membership will be introduced from the 2023/24 membership season beginning on September 1, 2023 and will have an annual fee of $15.

This category of membership has been designed to give those members, currently within the 50-Year member classification, an option to remain a member of our Club even if they are unable or no longer wish to attend event days at the MCG.

The 50-Year Social membership will include the following benefits:

  • Access to 50-Year membership annual and other member functions.
  • Ability to propose and second candidates to the Club’s waiting list.
  • Ability to purchase one ticket for themselves and one visitor to enjoy the Members’ Reserve and 50-Year member facilities on up to four event days (mixture of AFL and cricket event days) per membership season – excluding Category 1 event days.
  • A 20% discount on entry tickets to the Australian Sports Museum.
  • Complimentary MCG Tours.
  • Participation in the MCC Plus+ program.

The 50-Year Social membership will not include:

  • Full access rights to the Members’ Reserve.
  • The ability to maintain the entitlement to purchase an Annual Guest Card for those members eligible.
  • Voting rights at Annual and Special General Meetings. However, members from all categories of membership are able to attend.
  • Age or geographical classifications, resulting in the subscription fee being the same amount for all members in the category.
  • Reciprocal club arrangements intrastate, interstate or overseas.

Current 50-Year members can request to move into the 50-Year Social membership category at any point during a membership season, however, the move won’t take effect until the commencement of the following membership season (September 1 of the respective year). The 2023/24 membership season is the first year when the 50-Year Social membership category will be active across the Club.

Once a 50-Year member elects to move into the 50-Year Social category, they will not be able to move back to the 50-Year membership classification or any other category of membership at a later date.

Thank you again for your interest and participation during the Annual General Meeting and ballot period. If you have any questions regarding the changes to 50-Year membership or the introduction of the 50-Year Social category, please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Services team on (03) 9657 8888 or at membership@mcc.org.au.