Members' Dining

The Members Reserve has a stunning array of dining facilities for MCC members and their guests, on both event and non-event days.

Members can treat their guests to the Members Dining Room or Jim Stynes Grill at a sporting event, sample a number of cafes and bars or enjoy the gentler pace of a weekday sojourn to the Committee Room. Led by the team at Epicure, the food and beverages are top-class, as is the quality service and attention to detail by our award-winning team.

Event day

The Members Reserve includes excellent seating on all four levels of the northern stand. With escalators, lifts and a number of bars, dining rooms, cafes and other amenities throughout the Reserve, there is something here for everyone attending an event.

All facilities are available on a walk-up basis with the exception of the Members Dining Room and Jim Stynes Grill, where bookings can be made (refer below table for updates). If the room is not booked out by the particular match day, members and guests will be able access the room on a walk-up basis subject, of course, to appropriate dress standards.

Latest availability - 2016/17 cricket season

Ballot opens
Members Dining Room
Jim Stynes Grill
 Dec 9
 ODI  -  Book now
 Book now
 Dec 9
 ODI  -  Book now
 Not open
 Dec 26
 BDT Day 1
 Dec 12
 Not yet available
 Not yet available
 Dec 27
 BDT Day 2
 Dec 12  Not yet available  Not yet available
 Dec 28
 BDT Day 3
 Dec 12  Not yet available  Not yet available
 Dec 29
 BDT Day 4
 Dec 12  Not yet available  Not yet available
 Dec 30
 BDT Day 5
 Dec 12  Not yet available  Not yet available

Non-match day

One of the lesser-known benefits of being an MCC member is the opportunity to avail yourself and guests of the function and dining facilities on offer at the MCG on non-match days.

Members can book fabulous locations such as the Members Dining Room, Long Room or Bullring Bar for private functions with a touch of class. Please note that use of the Long Room for private functions requires approval from the MCC Committee.

An excellent a la carte luncheon is served in the Committee Room on Level 2 of the Members Reserve, adjacent to the Long Room, on all weekday non-event days.

And while you're here, treat yourself and your guests to a visit to the National Sports Museum, featuring some of the finest artefacts, people and moments in Australia's sporting history.